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1) The teams will be invited to participate based on the criteria created by the Independent Leagues and Victors Tires together.
2) Each League will have one team to represent them and compete.
3) Victors Tires with the invited Leagues reserve the right to establish an additional criteria to select and invite the rest of participating teams. The goal is to have the most comprehensive soccer representation of our region, with the best quality.
4) The Victor’s Tires Soccer Cup 2022 is a recreational tournament with the intention to unify and entertain the local community. The invited teams are welcome to participate under their own will, accepting the terms, rules, conditions, fields, and organization established by Victor’s Tires Soccer Cup 2022 Committee.

The Tournament will have a $1,500.00 cost for the participating teams under the "general category" and $1,000.00 for the teams under the "veterans category". The fields, the registration, the soccer balls, will be provided by its sponsors. Teams will have to go to the venue where the tournament is played. If there are expenses of parking, food, or other these will be each team’s responsibility.

1) First place will get $10,000 (for the "general category") and $5,000 (for the "veterans category")  USD for the team; they will also get a Championship Trophy and commemorative medals for all the players and 2 coaches.

2) Second place will get $3,000 (for the "general category") and $2,000 (for the "veterans category") USD for the team; they will also get commemorative medals for all the players and 2 coaches.

Each team will have a maximum of 22 players.

1) In the group phase, the criteria in case of a tie, will be the same used by FIFA on the World Cup’s group phase. Only 5 players can be replaced by game without reentry. In semifinals there will be no extra-time, if there is a tie, the game will be decided on PK’s immediately after. On the group phase and semifinals, the halves will be 35 minute long. The final will have 45-minute halves, and if needed 2x 15-minute over-time periods, and if necessary, penalty kicks after that.
2) There will be at least 16 teams up to 24 teams. Groups were decided by a raffle done in presence, and agreement of the Leagues.
3) The Leaders of all Leagues and Teams will need to sign all these rules and regulations before starting the tournament.
4) The system of competition will have groups of 4 teams each. Groups will have a “round-robin” system to define a group champion. The first place in each group and the best second of each group until you have 4 teams will play the semis.

Venue: Regional Athletic Complex at 2150 Rose Park Ln, Salt Lake City, UT 84116. See Addendum I for the games schedule.

Dates: August 12, 13, 14 2022.

H) REFEREES.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               A Disciplinary Director will coordinate the referees. The Referee Committee is formed by Emmanuel – El Chivo -, Miguel Nuñez, and Victor Galindo. On August 13th the referees will be assigned to each game.


1) The teams will have had to enroll their players. No player or coach can play for 2 teams. If a player or coach is found on 2 teams, it will be contacted by the organizing committee and requested to decide what team to join. If a player continues to sign in multiple teams, disciplinary action, up to suspension of tournament may be given to that player or coach. Players and coaches MUST bring a valid ID to the tournament.
2) Minimum age for any player is 16 years old on August 12th 2022
3) All players will need to sign a waiver before playing and minors under 18 years old must bring a parent or tutor the day of tournament to sign for them.
4) All players MUST be on the fields one hour before their first game to sign the waiver.
5) All teams must have a home uniform and away uniform for all players.

Two Yellow Cards on one game with not aggravated consequence (no bad intention, no aggression) will receive verbal warning and can play next game.

Two yellow cards in one game with aggravated consequence (insults or aggression to the referee or opponent) will not be able to play the next 2 games.

Red Card (aggressive play) cannot play the following game.

Red Card (aggressive behavior) next 2 following games cannot play.

Red Card (flagrant aggression) is out of the tournament.

Any player, coach, or person affiliated to a league that incites violence, or creates violence will be banned from the tournament and future tournaments.

Attempt of aggression to referee player or coach will be out of this tournament and possibly future tournaments.

Field invasion is immediate loss of the game. This accounts for bench players, coaches, or followers of team. If both teams invade the field, both lose the game.

In the field any jewelry (earrings, rings, non-sports glasses, piercing, bracelets, necklaces, etc.) is strictly prohibited.


Each team will have to standardize its players with the same shirt, short and socks.


Each game will use the official balls provided by the Victor’s Tires Soccer Cup Committee 2021.


Any other situation not mentioned in these regulations shall be sanctioned by the referee and the Disciplinary Committee of the Tournament.


disciplinary Committee of the Tournament.

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